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Bachelor’s Degree in International Business


The International Business Program of the University of Magdalena trains competent and integral professionals, provided with moral, ethical, sustainable values and human quality, with a remarkable command of different languages, leadership skills, and entrepreneurial spirit. Professionals with skills to perform globally, with the aim of managing the development, transformation, and internationalization of organizations in the Caribbean region and the country.


By the year 2026, the International Business Program will be a leader at the regional and national levels, for the training of integral, competitive and highly qualified professionals, with a global and integrated vision of social, economic and political phenomena and problems. Professionals in International Business capable of promoting the economic, social development and internationalization of the organizations of the region and the country; practicing their profession with leadership, ethics and social responsibility; being recognized by the language proficiency, the entrepreneurial and innovative profile. The Program will advance a management process to strengthen its research component, as well as to strengthen the articulation between academia, the productive sector, and society, through active participation in national and international networks of high prestige related to knowledge transfer.


The International Business Program was born in the University of Magdalena in 2002, by Academic Agreement No. 035 of 2002, under the name of Bilingual International Business. The University created the program to respond to the needs of qualified professionals that the economic dynamics of the region and the country required in those days. Afterward, through the Academic Agreement 061 of 2011, the institution modified the curriculum of the International Business Program and it keeps like that to date.


The last report and accounts of the International Business Program was at the beginning of the current year in two separate sessions with students and teachers. The program socialized the processes carried out in the Program since the end of 2016

Management reports

The following are the factors related to the Management of the International Business Program.

  1. Mission and Institutional and Program Project.
  2. Students.
  3. Teachers.
  4. Academic Processes.
  5. National and International Visibility.
  6. Research, Innovation and Artistic and Cultural Creation.
  7. Institutional Wellbeing.
  8. Organization and Management.
  9. Impact of Graduates in the Environment.
  10. Physical and Financial Resources.

Organizational Chart



The Program developed, within the Qualified Registry Framework, two Self-evaluation processes (2015 and 2017). Likewise, it presented the Master Document for the renewal of the Qualified Registry before the Program Board of the Faculty. Additionally, the program has already undergone a review process by the Office of Quality Assurance, and it is working to present the initiative before the Academic Board and after the approval, it will present the request before the SACES.

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