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The Dentistry Program grants the title of Dentist that corresponds to a degree in Higher Education, for an undergraduate program according to Law 30 of 1992. It takes place in daytime hours and lasts ten (10) six-monthly academic records approximately, on-campus methodological strategy and semi-annual admission period. Approved by agreement 017 of October 29, 1999 of the Academic Board of the University of Magdalena and identified with the code ICFES No 121346170704700111100. The Ministry of National Education of Colombia (MEN), through Resolution 3236 of August 4, 2005, granted the Qualified Registry to the Dentistry Program of the University of Magdalena. Subsequently, according to Resolution 100 of January 3, 2014 of the MEN, the Dentistry Program of the Universidad del Magdalena obtained the renewal of the Qualified Registry for 7 years.