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Human Resources Department


Promote the development of outstanding talent at Universidad del Magdalena, strengthening the administrative management. Implementing policies and strategies that guide the institutional mission objectives and the continuous improvement of its public employees and processes, this in compliance with institutional purposes.


To be recognized as institutional leaders, due to the potential development by its employees and the continuous improvement in the services provided to meet the satisfaction needs and the institutional strategy.


  1. Develop the administrative staff and full-time job description, tasks, and responsibilities.
  2. Hiring public administrative employee’s applicants (GH-P02).
  3. Hiring faculty: Full-time, Occasional and adjunct.
  4. Provide an annual training plan in the Workplace (Faculty and administrative staff).
  5. Provide an annual rewarding and labor welfare plan (Faculty and administrative staff).
  6. Organize an Orientation and Monitor staff recruitment activity plan. (Faculty and administrative staff).
  7. Performance Evaluation Planning (GH-P04) (Faculty and administrative staff).

Organizational Chart


Organigrama de la Dirección de Talento Humano