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Master's Degree in Agricultural Sciences

Professional profile

The graduates of the Master's program will be able to lead agricultural production programs that improve the productivity and quality of life of the producers, respecting the natural resources and the social peculiarities of each territory. They bring new scientific and technological knowledge and innovate in the sector, foreseeing the impact of the proposed solutions for the improvement of productivity, on their environment. They can also train new human talent at the service of the development of the field and the agro-food industry.

The Magister in Agricultural Sciences at the University of Magdalena also accepts and promotes work in multidisciplinary teams in the scientific, social, political, ethnic and economic areas, promoting interactions between the university, business, and society that benefit the agricultural sector, and therefore the economy of the Region and the Country

Applicant's profile

Agronomist, agricultural engineer, agro ecologist and career professionals related to agricultural production, interested in developing skills.