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Master’s of Science in Tropical Fisheries


The Master’s Program in Tropical Fisheries trains competent professionals in the field of fisheries science and technology based on knowledge, disciplinary and high ethical standards, in order to propose solutions based on scientific knowledge and information, and innovative technologies.  This will allow leading and participating in projects that impact the region, and the country with the purpose of improving the community quality life.


The Master Program in Tropical Fisheries will be recognized for the high quality of its academic processes, research, social projection, and internationalization. Also, it will be known by the appropriation of a pedagogical model (student-centered), the use of state-of-the-art information technologies in its different activities, the integration with different sectors of society, and the positioning of its graduate students contributing research projects, innovation, and product development with social responsibility.




Admission requirements

To access the master's program, certain requirements must be met, which are listed below:

  • Accredit professional degree in programs related to the following programs: Fishing Engineering, Biology, Marine Biology, Environmental Engineering, Ecology, Zoology, Aquaculture, Oceanography or Marine Sciences.
  • Authenticated photocopy of the original degree diploma minute.
  • Payment of the registration fee (which is downloaded through the website of the University http://admisiones.unimagdalena.edu.co/inscripcionPOS/index.jsp).
  • Fill in registration form at: http://admisiones.unimagdalena.edu.co/inscripcionPOS/loginFormulario.jsp.  Upload a photo digitally (photo in JPG format, 3x4 white background, greater than 400 kB).
  • Photocopy of  the ID.
  • Submit a letter of intent.
  • Curriculum Vitae (with study and job supporting documents).
  • An academic recommendation in sealed envelope.
  • Summary of the degree work proposal (two pages).
  • For the research modality: letter of acceptance from the director of the degree work,  and letter of endorsement of a research group. If the director and the group are external to the Universidad del Magdalena, the work must have a co-director linked to the Universidad del Magdalena, a condition that must be certified by said co-director, through written communication.
  • For the deepening modality: a letter of acceptance of the director of the work of degree and letter of endorsement of the external institution. If the director of the degree work is external to the Universidad del Magdalena, it must have a co-director linked to the Universidad del Magdalena, a condition that must be certified by said co-director, by written communication.
  • A copy of the current Electoral certificate will get a 10% discount. Note: The applicant must present the original Electoral Certificate to verify its authenticity. It will be returned immediately. In case you are out of town, the copy of the Electoral Certificate must be authenticated. (Under no circumstances you will send your original electoral certificate).
  • Have presented an examination English language comprehension.