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The mission of the Biology Program at the University of Magdalena is to create, conserve, and disseminate biological knowledge through research, outreach, and teaching, as well as the internationalization of this understanding. In the same way, to form conscious, responsible, critical, ethical, entrepreneurial, and innovative biologists, committed to the development of the region and the country, able to lead scientific, technological changes at the service and search for solutions of community problems.


Considering the ecosystemic wealth and variety of the northern zone of the Colombian Caribbean regions as well as the biological and environmental problems they present, the Biology program should be a pillar and engine of the research that allows broadening knowledge about tropical ecosystems and contributing to the sustainable development of the region. Likewise, it must be a leader in the Atlantic Coast, for its academic quality, research development and social impact of its graduates.


Through Agreement 002 of January 27, 1995, the university created the Biology program with an emphasis on Water Resources. Subsequently, within the framework of the academic reform, the faculty defined a new structure to articulate the curricular development of the programs to approach the provisions of the P.E.I. and in search of academic excellence. In 2002 through Agreement 031, the institution approved the project for the organization of the Biology Program curriculum.


The program is awaiting the assignment of peers by the CNA for the renewal of accreditation for high quality of the program.