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Electronic Engineering


The Electronic Engineering Program of the University of Magdalena will train competent engineers with the knowledge of the use of existing technology resources to influence their region and country. Professionals able to respond to environmental, economic and cultural problems, participating in the definition and adoption of guidelines to improve the quality of life of the communities, supporting the technological development of the industry and contributing to research.


By 2022, national and international institutions will recognize the academic project of the Electronic Engineering program of the University of Magdalena. The national academic community will grant the accreditation to the program and it will contribute to technological development from its related themes to the development of the environment in the possibility of the human, fostering talent, creativity, reason and scientific spirit.


The Electronic Engineering Program of the University of Magdalena, created by agreement of the Academic Council No. 037 of September 2, 2002. It obtained initial qualification registration by resolution 3226 of December 15, 2003, issued by the Ministry of National Education (MEN) and registered in the SNIES on April 22, 2004, and began work in the second semester of the same year. In 2010, the faculty modified its curriculum through Academic Agreements 036, 054 and 055 of 2010 and renewed its qualification registry, doing it again in 2017 for seven more years through Resolution 03140 of March 03, 2017 of the MEN.

Organizational Chart


A continuación se presenta el organigrama del programa Ingeniería Electrónica



El programa de Ingenieria Electrónica se rige bajo las siguientes normativas de la universidad:

  • Reglamento estudiantil
  • Plan de estudio
  • Circular No. 01 de 2018
  • Acuerdo académico 041 de 2017
  • Resolución de renovación de registro calificado No. 03140 del 03 de Marzo de 2017