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Electronic Engineering

Professional profile

The Electronic Engineer of the University of Magdalena is an integral and unique professional, trained in communication skills, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking that complement his ability to lead processes of conception, design, implementation and operation of products and systems of Electronic engineering and related branches, in scenarios of science, technology and innovation.

Occupational profile

The graduate of the Electronic Engineering of the Universidad Del Magdalena may perform as:

  • Project engineer in science, technology and innovation scenarios.
  • Infrastructure engineer or telecommunications networks.
  • The engineer responsible for the ICT management office of companies and organizations.
  • Automation and control engineer in industries, companies, and organizations.
  • Maintenance engineer of biomedical equipment.
  • Hardware and software development engineer to solve environmental problems.
  • Leader and promoter of technology-based ventures.
  • Teacher in institutions of basic education, secondary, technical or technological training in STEAM areas (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics).

Applicant's profile

The person who wishes to enter the Electronic Engineering program of the University of Magdalena must have the following skills:

  • Attitude and aptitude to solve problems in the field of Electronic Engineering through mathematical, physical and technological criteria, proposing quick and accurate solutions.
  • An attitude of improvement for their professional and personal training through ethical criteria.
  • Excellent interpersonal relationships based on respect and tolerance.
  • Social sense to ensure the general welfare.

The candidate’s selection process will be objective in which the faculty will assess the applicant’s previous knowledge, under criteria of transparency and clarity, seeking to select the best future professionals in this undergraduate program.