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Procurement and Property Management Group



The main purpose of the Procurement and Property Management Group is to safeguard and administer the assets properly, as well as ensuring records reliability and timeliness in response to the institutional needs.  All of the above, established in the general rules for the Management of the Warehouse, in the administration and classification of property owned by the University of Magdalena and in the General Public Accounting Plan.


The Procurement and Property Management Group tends to provide a service in an efficient and timely manner, offering our administrative customers the best care and coverage in terms of minor supplies and assets that support the management of the University administration.


Rendición de cuentas

The Procurement and Asset Management Group presents twice a year reports to the control entity through the SIA Comptroller platform and an internal annual report.

  • Properties, plants and equipment-acquisition and removals - [F05_CGDM].
  • Insurance policies - [F11_CGDM].
  • Annual purchasing plan.


  1. Prepare and execute the annual procurement plan.
  2. Perform inventory control.
  3. Organize, manage and control the acquisitions and supplies of the University
  4. Supervise and control the management of stocks of devolution and consumer items.
  5. Deliver the orders requested by the internal departments of the University, in accordance with the purchase plan and the acquisitions made.
  6. Deliver to the Budget and Accounting Group the accounts in their charge for the presentation of the reports to the fiscal control body.
  7. Carry out the technical evaluations of the contractual processes originated by the group.
  8. Prepare and present, in coordination with the University units and the budget and accounting group, the annual draft of the procurement plan.
  9. Design and apply the internal control system corresponding to the procedures executed in the working group.
  10. Conduct evaluations in hiring processes assigned by the competent official.
  11. Establish evaluation indicators for the performance and function of the working group.
  12. Comply with the responsibilities and duties of the Quality Management System.
  13. The other tasks assigned by legal norm or competent authority in accordance with the performance area of ??the Working Group. Resolution 145 of 01/03/2012 Article 5.

Management reports

Informes de gestión

Execution of the purchase plan. (acquisition of Returnable Goods)



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