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Procurement and Property Management Group


Services Provided

  • Receipt and delivery of goods - GI-P02 Procedure for receiving and delivering goods.
  • Update of inventories - GI-P03 Procedure to update the inventory of goods.
  • Withdrawal of assets - GI-P04 Procedure for deregistration of assets.
  • Elaboration of the Purchase Plan - GI-P10 Procedure for the elaboration of the Purchase Plan.
  • Supply of Toilet and Cafeteria items.
  • Provision of treated water.
  • Ink Supply for Printers.
  • Supply of Stationery.
  • Discharge of goods.
  • Loan and / or transfer of assets.
Informate de las medidas transitorias de adaptación ante la contingencia generada por la pandemia del virus COVID19