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General Services Group


  1. To execute the plans, programs, policies, strategies and regulations formulated and adopted by the institution in relation to the general services processes.
  2. To execute and coordinate the activities of maintenance and repair of equipment and machinery of the University.
  3. To coordinate the technical and logistical aspects for the realization of the academic practices of the University.
  4. To coordinate cleaning and surveillance activities.
  5. To  coordinate the maintenance and repair activities of the electrical, telephone, aqueduct, sewerage and basic sanitation systems in the institution that guarantees its adequate and timely supply.
  6. To coordinate the maintenance activities of the gardens and green areas of the University.
  7. To coordinate the automotive park reparation, maintenance and replacement activities of the University machinery.
  8. To coordinate the activities of supply of fuel and spare parts of the automotive parking lot of the University.
  9. To manage, distribute and control the supplies and equipment required for an efficient delivery service.
  10. To deal with the complaints and requests and petition rights related to the activities and responsibilities assigned to this group.
  11. To carry out evaluations in hiring processes assigned by a competent official.
  12. To design and apply the internal control system corresponding to the procedures executed in the working group.
  13. To establish evaluation indicators for the performance and management of the working group.
  14. To Comply with the responsibilities and duties of the Quality Management System.
  15. To perform other activities assigned by a legal norm or a competent authority withing the working group performance area.



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  2. Acuerdo Superior No. 012 de 2009 Constitución y funcionamiento de las cajas menores.
  3. Acuerdo superior 025 de 2000 sistema general de viáticos de la universidad del magdalena.
  4. documentos soportes – Liquidación viáticos prácticas.