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Curricular and Teaching Directorate


The process of Accountability is done on the date selected by the Academic Vice-rectory and is carried out in accordance with institutional norms.


  • Lead, support and follow up on curriculum reforms of the programs.
  •  Study and propose the requirements of teaching jobs of the University, in accordance with legal standards.
  • Formulate and support the execution of the Teacher Training and Training Plan.
  • Design the instruments and support the evaluation of the teachers' performance.
  • Propose and manage the incentive programs for teachers.
  • Attend the training and instruction for teachers and organize courses to meet the teaching staff needs of training and updating.
  • Perform the monitoring and evaluation of results of teaching performance during the semester.
  • Prepare and support the process of calls for the selection of teaching staff.

Management reports

The Management reports are made quarterly in the follow-up to the Management Agreements, Follow-up to the priority actions, Government policies and Plan of action.