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Office of Admissions and Academic Affairs


Managing Properly the registration of academic information of active, inactive and graduate students from the different programs offered by the University of Magdalena. It guarantees the effectiveness in the record-data custody, promptness, and accuracy in the delivery of the information required.


The University Office of the Registrar and academic control is projected as a leading dependence on providing quality support services and compliance in all its actions.


  • Manage the services of registration, admission, enrollment, tuition, registration of academic information and control of students of the University of Magdalena.
  • Implement the selection criteria for eligible students.
  • Guarantee the reliability and transparency of certifications and academic records of current students and alumni.



  • Reglamento estudiantil [Ver].
  • Calendario Académico 2020 PREGRADO PRESENCIAL  - Acuerdo Académico 048 de 2019 [Ver]
  • Calendario Académico 2020-I de C.R.E.O.[Ver]
  • Calendario Académico 2020-I de C.R.E.O. de Licenciatura en en Literatura y Lengua Castellana [Ver]
  • Sistema de Matriculas - Acuerdo Superior 024 de 2009 [Ver]
  • Sistema de Matriculas - Acuerdo Superior 017 de 2012 [Ver]
  • Sistema de Matriculas - Acuerdo Superior 028 de 2017 [Ver]
  • Tabla de exoneraciones [Ver]
  • Otros Derechos Pecuniarios [Ver]
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