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Film and Audiovisual Media Program

Professional profile

The Filmmaker and Audiovisual producer trained at the University of Magdalena will have the following professional profile:

  • Committed to the growth and development of the region and the country, conserving the environment and culture.
  • Generator of various educational paradigms.
  • He will be able of conceiving and producing achievements in film, video and new technologies of the moving image, with an artistic and humanistic vision based on research and his imaginary.
  • He will be competent, from his own visual narrative, to contribute in specific areas that have to do with our condition of regions and developing countries, as well as respond to the needs of a cinema and television industry in global scenarios.

Occupational profile

The Film and Audiovisual Director trained at the University of Magdalena will have the following occupational profile:

A professional with sufficient and necessary training to perform in institutions and public and private companies related to the media and the audiovisual industry. And he is able to perform jobs such as:

  • Filmmaker and independent producer in Cinema and Audiovisual.
  • Create his own Film and Audiovisual production companies.
  • Film, video, television director, cinematography cameramen, sound engineers, filmmakers and producers, aware of the new technologies of the moving image applied to his specific knowledge.

Applicant's profile

Any person who wants to enter the Cinema and Audiovisual program offered by the University can do so under the admission modalities established by Admissions during the dates established by the current Academic Calendar.