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Film and Audiovisual Media Program


The Film and Audiovisual Program of the University of Magdalena aims to train free, conscious, critical and creative filmmakers with a high sense of ethics and social justice, with a research spirit and respect for human rights. A professional capable of articulating artistic, cinematographic, humanistic and technological knowledge for the creation and production of an autonomous narrative, with images that communicate and respond to the demands of universal documentary and argumentative expression, contributing to the enrichment and projection of the local, regional, national cinematographic culture and the development of the audiovisual industry.

The training process will develop investigative, hermeneutic, argumentative and proactive competencies. These abilities along with the ethical foundation will make of the students and graduates integral people with leadership capacity.


The Film and Audiovisual Program of the University of Magdalena will be a means for the consolidation of the Caribbean and Colombian audiovisual culture, reaching from this identity national and international recognition.

Its professors, students and graduates will form a recognized group of filmmakers and artists with a high level of competitiveness and competence, who from an optimal aesthetic conceptions and guided by ethical principles, will be able to universalize their creations by projecting successfully.

It will contribute to the communication modernization in the matter of educational methodology in the different academic programs of the University of Magdalena.

New multimedia technologies will support the courses and its graduates will work with competence in the new production formats with a universal perspective.


With the current boom of the audiovisual in all activities of society, education, business, science, art and entertainment, the trades related to its production and realization have had an unusual expansion in recent years. There are hundreds of audiovisual schools and tens of thousands of students of film, television, animation and related disciplines around the world.

The University of Magdalena, aware of its commitment to the region, created in 2002 the professional career of Film and Audiovisual, the only program of its kind on the Colombian Caribbean coast. On December 20, 2012, this program was granted high quality accreditation through resolution No.16713 and on July 28, 2017, the high quality accreditation was renewed through resolution No. 14783 of the Ministry of National Education.

The program aims to educate professionals specialized in the different areas of film and audiovisual, capable of applying their knowledge to any of the fields relevant to audiovisual narrative forms and genres.

Among the subjects of its curriculum, there are theoretical and aesthetic aspects as well as technical aspects of audiovisual production. A Line of Intensification of 10 credits in Fiction, Documentary, Animation, History, theory and audiovisual criticism, and in Television and Digital Media is available to advanced students.

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Ministry of National Education  Resolution No. 14783 of July 28, 2017

Whereby the Program of Film and Audiovisual gets a 4-year renewal of High Quality Accreditation. The program is offered under the classroom methodology in the University of Magdalena in Santa Marta – Magdalena



La normatividad jurídica – académica bajo la cual ha operado y está funcionando el programa es la siguiente:




Creación del Programa de Cine y Audiovisuales 

Acuerdo Académico No.004

3 de abril de 2001  

Plan de estudios 1

Acuerdo Académico 026

22 de julio de 2002

Reconocimiento oficial del programa

Código ICFES 121326470014700111100

Año 2002

Inicio de labores


II semestre de 2002

Plan de estudios 2

Acuerdo Académico 046

02 de noviembre de 2004

Plan de transición

Acuerdo Académico 047

02 de noviembre de 2004

Registro calificado por 7 años

Resolución 1762 del MEN

10 de abril de 2007

Acreditación por Alta Calidad

Resolución 16713 del MEN

20 de diciembre de 2012

Plan de estudios 3

Acuerdo Académico 027

26 de abril de 2010

Renovación Registro Calificado por 7 años

Resolución 722 del MEN

31 de enero de 2013

Plan estudios 4

Acuerdo Académico 009

15 de febrero de 2016