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Professional profile

The professional nurse seeks to contribute with basic interventions so that the person, family, and community maintain an adequate level of health to exercise their functions through the promotion, prevention, healing and rehabilitation of health. The nurse uses research as a strategy to solve problems and seek new forms of care that contribute to the development of the profession.

Occupational profile

The graduate from the Nursing program of the University of Magdalena will perform health care, prevention and promotion functions within the health systems. A professional nurse can teach at higher education, vocational and non-formal level, in public and private institutions. He can be independent as well as an assistant, a manager, and a researcher in institutions related to his labor field. A nurse can developed these functions depending on the position or in the employing entity and its economic activity.

Applicant's profile

The candidate must be interested in the knowledge of human anatomy as well as the functioning and care of the human body. To be socio-critical and reflective in relation to the processes and the policies of the health system in Colombia. Be willing to learn proactively and possess an investigative spirit. Assertively handle communication and be humanitarian and interested in the processes of social development.