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Hospitality and Tourism business Management – Leveling up cycles

Professional profile

The Manager of Hotel and Tourism Companies of the University of Magdalena will be competent in the planning, direction, organization, administration and management of companies that make up the Hotel and Tourism Sector. A professional with leadership, creativity, social responsibility and critical spirit; consistent with his research training, bilingualism and project formulation as well as the needs demanded by the hotel and tourism environment of the local, regional, national and international order, emphasizing the Colombian Caribbean region.

Occupational profile

The Manager of Hotel and Tourism Companies of the University of Magdalena, will work in his labor and discipline field within the organizations of the Hotel and Tourism sector in all areas. In the professional practice, he can perform as a high manager of tourism organizations, formulator of tourism projects, advisor of governmental and private entities as well as consultant for the formulation and execution of public policies, programs and development plans. He also can be a consultant for the design of tourism products, researcher and / or teacher in the disciplinary areas of tourism, and manager of his own company in the tourism sector. Among the companies are:

  • Accommodation facilities such as hotels, hostels, resorts, camps, agro tourism farms, vacation and recreational clubs, among others including cruises.
  • Food and beverage establishments such as restaurants, fast food chains, catering companies, casinos, banquet halls.
  • Travel agencies, wholesalers, and tourism and adventure trips in: receptive tourism, national and international ticketing, transportation, groups and conventions, account assistant, guide and tourism instructor.
  • Events organizations as a planner and supervisor of small, medium and large-scale events.
  • Hospital clinics and institutions such as general service assistant and food production.
  • Transportation companies in logistics management of ports, marinas, airports or stations.
  • National Natural and Thematic Parks as a supervisor or head.
  • Museums, cultural and artistic centers as an administrative assistant or tour guide.
  • Entities, institutions, and organizations dedicated to tourism promotion in the public, private and mixed sectors as a manager of research and advertising projects.