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Environmental and Health Engineering

Professional profile

The Environmental and Health Engineer trained at the University of Magdalena will be a professional with the ability to identify, understand, and propose alternative solutions to environmental problems using scientific and technological knowledge, seeking sustainable development for the benefit of human being, optimizing processes and minimizing costs.

A person with leadership capacity for the environmental management of the region and the country, and with the ability to analyze and understand the social, political and economic context of the Caribbean, the country and the world to achieve sustainable development and the improvement of the quality of life of the populations.

The Environmental and Sanitary Engineer of the Universidad del Magdalena will be able to:

  • Direct processes of Environmental Management.
  • Evaluate the quality of air, soil and water.
  • Lead projects to control environmental pollution.
  • Direct projects aimed at rationally and efficiently using natural resources.
  • Evaluate environmental impacts and formulate environmental management plans.
  • Design, operate and evaluate systems for the collection, distribution and treatment of water for human consumption.
  • Design, operate and evaluate collection systems, conduction and treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater.
  • Propose solutions for the recovery of contaminated soils.
  • Design, operate and evaluate systems of collection, use and final disposal of solid waste.
  • Formulate hazardous waste management plans.

Occupational profile

The Environmental and Sanitary Engineer of the University of Magdalena has the knowledge, skills, and abilities to plan, design, manage and execute from the technical and administrative aspects, any project in the public or private sector that tends to diagnosis, prevention, mitigation, control and treatment of the problems generated in the air, water, soil, and territory.

The Environmental and Sanitary Engineer of the Universidad del Magdalena may perform as a(n):

  • Consultant and advisor in the health and environmental areas.
  • Environmental manager.
  • Director of the Department of Environmental Management in the industrial and public services sectors.
  • Advisor of development plans and territorial planning plans, with outstanding solvency in coastal areas.
  • Director of operation of water purification plants and sewage treatment plants.
  • Director of operation of systems of collection, use and sanitary disposal of solid waste.
  • Teacher.