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Agronomic Engineering

Professional profile

The Agronomist is a professional who can manage and lead agricultural production processes individually or interdisciplinary, under ethical principles, seeking comprehensive, sustainable, competitive and efficient management. He can produce and disseminate knowledge in line with national and international productive agricultural relations, with entrepreneurial and managerial skills, seeking integrated management in the soil-water-plant-man relationships for the preservation of the environment, constituting himself in an agent of change.

An agronomist can identify the relationships in research processes that generate knowledge integrating new technologies for the agricultural conservation.

Occupational profile

The Agricultural Engineer graduated from the University of Magdalena will be able to perform in the following occupations:

  • Integral Production and Technical Assistance.
  • Administration of agro industrial companies.
  • Investigation.
  • Agricultural Extension and Development.
  • Conservation of the environment.

Therefore, the Agronomist will be able to carry out the following functions:

  • Develop agrarian production processes based on fresh consumption, industrial and export marketing.
  • Manage basic administrative elements that allow him to use the financial, material, natural and human resources included in the production process properly.
  • Develop research, production and agricultural development processes.
  • Make technology transfers to improve the community's standard of living.
  • Lead conservation and sustainable agriculture processes to conserve natural resources.
  • Manage agricultural companies in the region.

Applicant's profile

A student with adequate basic training, especially in the areas of mathematics, earth sciences or similar, which allows him to acquire the essential foundations of Science and Engineering, as well as humanistic and ethical principles.

A person with oral and written expression ability to communicate with their environment, and with a high outstanding degree of social sensitivity.