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Bachelor’s Degree in International Business

Professional profile



International Business Negotiation

  • Know how to apply cutting-edge negotiation methods, techniques, and theories for the resolution of conflicts and financial transactions.
  • Resolve conflicts in intercultural negotiations.
  • Generate integrative and commercial cooperation options.

International Relations and Law

  • Deal with diplomatic relations among countries and their conflicts’ causes.
  •  Identify the current legal framework the international relations establish.


  • Solve organizational problems efficiently and effectively.
  • Prepare strategic plans that articulate the organizations to turbulent and changing environments competitively.
  • Exercise leadership to achieve goals in the organization.

Foreign Trade and International Logistics.

  • Know and apply national and international regulation in foreign trade processes.
  •  Manage the supply chain to achieve optimal logistics development of organizations efficiently.
  • Articulate the processes involved in logistics and foreign trade.

Accounting and Finance

  • Perform economic and financial analysis for the strategic management decision making.
  • Formulate and evaluate public and private investment projects.


  • Prepare marketing plans to increase the company's profitability.
  • Interpret market trends through consumer preferences.
  • Understand the behavior of the local and international market.
  • Propose business-marketing strategies for different situations in the market.


  • Understand national and international economic policies and events and their influence on the organization.
  • Be aware of the dynamics of the world's economic development.


  • Prepare business plans adapted to the calls for entrepreneurship contests.
  • Understand the meaning and importance of the entrepreneurial culture.
  • Use digital strategies for the creation and implementation of business ideas.


  • Certify the minimum level B1 according to the standards of the Common European Framework.
  • Have communication skills in different languages ??that facilitate interaction with other markets.

Occupational profile

The curriculum of the International Business Program offers academic training that allows the professional to link and perform efficiently in the following areas:

  • Public sector: In both national and regional entities, in the national executive area such as ministries, embassies, to carry out internationalization management activities, in the fields of trade, promotion and attraction of investments, relations and international cooperation, in departments that formulate, manage and execute projects.
  • Private sector: In local or international guilds, organizations and companies that require trained professionals for the management of foreign trade, international logistics processes, identification and exploitation of national and international market niches. In negotiation processes, the formulation and evaluation of projects, creation of companies and business plans, in the identification of sources of financing with national and international financial instruments.

Academic sector: As a teacher in the different areas that make up his professional training; as a consultant and researcher in the areas of training that contribute to the competitiveness of the region and the country, for its positioning in the international scene.

Applicant's profile

The candidate for the International Business Program of the University of Magdalena should aspire to become a competent and comprehensive professional, provided with moral, ethical, sustainable values ??and human quality; distinguished by his remarkable command of different languages, leadership ability, and entrepreneurial spirit. He will be a professional with competences to perform at a global level, with the aim of leading the development, transformation, and internationalization of the organizations of the Caribbean region and the country.