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Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management


The program of specialization in marketing management is to train marketing managers with a comprehensive vision that develops leadership capacities, citizen values, and professional competencies, that allows them to give answers to the demands and needs of global markets.


The program of specialization in Marketing management at the University of Magdalena will be recognized in the Colombian Caribbean because it is the only postgraduate program in marketing offered by a public university. The program has as a main strategy the development of Competences of the person as a tool to form good managers with a business vision focused towards the strengthening of the relations of exchange with its internal and external clients.




Graduation Requirements

To qualify for the title of specialist in Marketing management, the following requirements were established:

  • To have completed and approved the twenty-eight (28) academic credits of the curriculum within a maximum period of two (2) years.
  • To present, support and approve the applied work of the specialization in marketing management.
  • The other administrative requirements established by the University of Magdalena.
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