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Postgraduate Diploma in Finance


Train professionals at postgraduate level, with specific competencies in the financial area, capable of making decisions that guarantee the minimization of risk and the generation of organizations value, based on the use of advanced technologies, generating Thus the transformations of the social environment of their city, the Caribbean region and the country.


Being, in 2024, a postgraduate program recognized as a leader in the Colombian Caribbean Region due to the impact of its graduates to solve the economic and social problems of their environment. Because of their capacities in the financial area to make decisions based on the use of advanced technology, methodology, and other professional tools as well as the recognition in the national context of the high-quality standards of its training staff.




Admission requirements

Accredited professional degree in Business Administration, economics, accounting, foreign trade, international business, marketing and finance, hospitality and Tourism and industrial Engineering (copy of diploma and/or degree certificate)

  • Curriculum vitae with supporting documents.
  • Certificate of undergraduate transcripts.
  • Three color photographs 3x4 size.
  • Copy of the ID.
  • Copy of the inscription payment.
  • Filling in the registration form.