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Industrial Engineering


To train industrial engineers of high professional quality with a solid formation in integrated management of processes and the application of quantitative methods. Oriented to innovation, ethical, with social responsibility that contributes to economic and social development.


The industrial engineering program of the University of Magdalena will be a leader in the generation of knowledge, the integration and optimization of processes and technologies, and the development of innovation to boost productivity and business competitiveness.


At the beginning of 1999, the president of the University of Magdalena appointed the Industrial Engineer Rafael Linero Mejía, who was the Head of Planning, to coordinate the process of creating the Industrial Engineering program, supported by the New Programs group coordinated by Mr. Roque Morelli Zarate. In March 2000, ICFES granted the code to the Industrial Engineering Program, daytime shift.

In July 2000, the Industrial Engineering program started classes, the Dean of Engineering, Engineer Julio Candanoza, coordinated the academic activities of the program in the first semesters. In 2002, Engineer Martha Matilde Ortiz Arenas became the program director, organizing professional practices, conducting basic engineering laboratories and industrial processes in university and business facilities. Engineer Martha started the construction of the qualified registration document of the program.

In 2001, the University of Magdalena carried out an academic reform that led to the redesign of all undergraduate curricula. The faculty reformulated the Engineering program and approved the second curriculum with 160 academic credits, which came into force in 2002.

In 2003, Engineer Rafael Linero Mejía took over the Program Management, during his tenure, he was responsible for preparing and presenting the document for the night shift, which obtained the respective ICFES code and began its offer in 2004. In this period, the second reform of the undergraduate curricula started, which led to the third program syllabus.

In 2003, Engineer Jaime Noguera assumed the management of the program, meeting the visit of academic peers for qualification registration. The engineers Edwin Causado, Rafael Linero, and Martha Ortiz supported the process obtaining the qualification record for 7 years, in February 2004.

In 2004, the institution approved a curriculum reform that incorporated the professional practice with 12 credits, the support of the Research Project and changed the logic credits to 3 credits, leaving the syllabus with 173 credits.

In September 2005, the engineers Carlos Fuentes and Daissy Torregrosa graduated as the first industrial engineers of the University of Magdalena. The same year in December, the engineer Hugo Cantillo graduated becoming in the first representative of the program students.

The Industrial Engineering Program adopted the new curriculum with 172 academic credits in 2010. The following year it presented this reform and application for renewal of qualification registration obtaining it for seven years, by Resolution 6520 of August 9, 2011. Today, 17 years after the creation of the program, the university has graduated more than 1200 industrial engineers.

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