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Civil Engineering


To train integral civil engineers, with professional and scientific high qualities, with ethical values, capable of planning and implementing professional, innovative solutions with high social content in the problems of the regions and developing countries. Professionals who achieve active participation, coordination, and management of civil infrastructure projects as well as the rational use of the natural resources, reducing the impact on the environment for the benefit of the man.


The program will be a leader in the training of civil engineers in the Caribbean Coast. A curriculum certified nationally and internationally and characterized by its commitment to teaching, research, outreach and especially social projection. The program will help the development of infrastructure projects in the region and its graduates will demonstrate their high level of training, their competence and especially their commitment to society.


The University of Magdalena created The Civil Engineering program through the Academic Board Agreement No. 013 of May 16, 1995, with the support of the Industrial University of Santander. The program obtained qualified registration through Resolution No. 5980 of 2005, issued by the Ministry of National Education - MEN. The Academic Agreement 078 of 2010 regulated the current curriculum. The qualified record was renewed on March 15, 2013, through resolution 2694, for seven (7) years.


On February 19, 2018, at 8 am, the  current  director convened all the students of the program  to show the progress made in the semester 2017-II and the work plan for the 2018-I semester. Some of the important aspects mentioned in the presentation were the actions to be taken and the needs identified in the self-assessment process (2013-2016) to achieve the accreditation of the Civil Engineering program.

Organizational Chart


Muestra que el programa de Ingeniería Civil trabaja juntamente con dos instancias superiores (Vicerrectoria Académica y Facultad de Ingeniería). Además, cuenta con un consejo de programa y un comité de Autoevaluación, Acreditación y Aseguramiento, en donde se toman decisiones para la reglamentación de procedimientos dentro del mismo.

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