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Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship


The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is responsible for generating collaborative innovation programs and projects for the solution of social and business needs and thus contribute to the development of the Caribbean. Similarly, the Center seeks to promote the culture of entrepreneurship in all its forms in the university community.


The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship since its inception has been committed to the entire university community, making various events where its members actively participate. Activities such as the first and second MarketPlace, Workshops, symposium on university Spin Off, articulation with the magOs contest, Demo StartUp Show, Kick Off, Innovation Challenge, conferences, workshops and back-up programs are some  examples of the events offered to the entrepreneurs and innovators.

In addition, the Center has been strengthening its alliances with the different governmental and departmental entities, associations and companies through the logistical and methodological support of calls and events such as launch of the Ventures contest in Santa Marta, Digital Naska, Magdalena un Mar de Oportunidades, Apps.co's Business Discovery program, Teleworking Workshop and the Innova with us program, which offers innovative solutions to business problems of small and medium enterprises.

One of the most important achievements of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship has been the creation of the Mentors Network, composed of people with entrepreneurial, business and teaching experience, with technical skills and innovation and entrepreneurship. They guide, inspire, motivate, teach and voluntarily manage the entrepreneurs of the CIE Unimagdalena accompaniment program in the development of their ideas and projects.


The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship has the following functions:

  1. Propose policies for the stimulation of innovation and entrepreneurship in the University and its area of ??influence.
  2. Perform awareness and training activities for innovation managers and entrepreneurs in the university community.
  3. Schedule and develop spaces for the exchange of knowledge among researchers, businesspersons, and government officials to identify innovation needs.
  4. Encourage the University organizational units’ cooperation with the environment through the structuring of collaborative innovation programs and projects with companies and government entities.
  5. Promote the innovation and entrepreneurship programs structure among members of the university community.
  6. Provide guidance and logistical support to researchers and entrepreneurs regarding the identification of funding sources and the structuring of proposals to apply to them.
  7. Manage resources for the execution of programs and projects of collaborative innovation and entrepreneurship.
  8. Represent the University of Magdalena and establish alliances with entities related to innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.
  9. Support the University in the negotiation of its Science, Technology and Innovation products (CTel).
  10. Promote the creation of funds for innovation and entrepreneurship.
  11. Promote the transformation of the pedagogical model and curriculums for the effective incorporation of innovation and entrepreneurship.
  12. Promote the generation of spaces and environments that foster cooperation, innovation and entrepreneurship in the University and its area of ??influence.
  13. The others that are assigned and inherent in the nature and functions of the unit.



  • Resolución 104 del 23 de enero del 2017, “por la cual se crea el Centro de Innovación y Emprendimiento y se dictan otras disposiciones.”
  • Acuerdo académico 041 del 18 de julio del 2017, “por el cual se reglamentan las modalidades de trabajo de grado y se establecen las modalidades a las que podrán acceder los estudiantes de los programas de pregrado.”