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Professional Internship Office


In 2020, the Professional Internship Office will be a leading agency in the international, national, regional and local spheres due to its inclusion and innovation policies and its contribution to regional and local development. It will have a highly skilled professional’s team, committed to this society knowledge and technology transfer align with global trends.

Additionally, this group of individuals will offer several options to access the internship and more important, its permanence, delimited by their personal, economic, social and cultural conditions.


  • To establish relationships with public and private companies and companies to ensure suitable internships.
  • To organize and execute a training prior to the employment contract.
  • To promote dialogue among companies and employers about the importance of a professional experience, inclusion and this mutual benefit relation.
  • To verify the suitability of the companies and possible internship sites offering internships and their type of job offer.
  • Selection and training of advisors who provide counselling during the internship period.
  • Accompaniment, monitoring, supervision, and evaluation of the students in their personal and formative process required during the internship period.
  • To facilitate the articulation between the theoretical and the practical framework.
  • To support and guide interns´ professional roles and responsibilities.
  • To enable work skills that may result in the development of multidisciplinary and inter-institutional groups.

Organizational Chart


Organigrama de la Dirección de Prácticas Profesionales


Normatividad Vigente y Transitoria

Acuerdo Académico No 001 de 2006 "Por el cual se reglamenta las prácticas profesionales en la Universidad del Magdalena"

Acuerdo Superior No. 011 de 2017 "Por el cual se faculta al Consejo Académico para reglamentar los requisitos de grado y se dictan otras disposiciones"

Acuerdo Académico No. 041 de 2017 "Por el cual se reglamentan las modalidades de trabajo de grado y se establecen las modalidades a las que podrán acceder los estudiantes de los programas de pregrado"

Resolución 3546 de 2018 del Ministerio del Trabajo "por la cual se regulan las prácticas laborales"

Resolución 623 de 2020 del Ministerio del Trabajo  "Por la cual se modifica la Resolución 3546 de 2018 en cumplimiento del artículo 192 de la Ley 1955 de 2019 y se dictan otras disposiciones"

Acuerdo Académico No. 003 de 2020 “Por el cual se establecen medidas académicas transitorias de adaptación ante la contingencia generada por la pandemia del virus COVID-19”

Acuerdo Académico No. 006 de 2020 "Por medio del cual se adoptan medidas académicas transitorias para flexibilizar el desarrollo de los procesos académicos ante la emergencia generada por el virus COVID-19”