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Knowledge Management Department


Our mission is to offer solutions that facilitate the research activity of the I + D + i + CAC units under the premise that the knowledge produced by these units is an asset that must be managed, decentralized, disseminated, sustained, accessible, measurable and improved.


In 2020, this unit will be a regional and national reference in the management of projects with international cooperation.


  1. Direct the design, development, processing, approval, execution and monitoring of projects and research activities aimed at the generation of knowledge.
  2. Guide the generation of knowledge from information, experiences, and research results.
  3. Organize and disseminate existing knowledge.
  4. Direct and guide the preparation and processing of calls, criteria and methods of selection of research projects.
  5. Promote and participate in the generation of knowledge.
  6. Support the achievement and updating of infrastructure and qualified staff for the design and execution of research projects.
  7. Design, propose and manage the information system of research project results, as well as monitoring and evaluation indicators.
  8. Manage, in coordination with the competent authorities, funding for research projects.
  9. Create internal spaces for analysis, discussion, exchange and adoption of results and implementation of research projects.
  10. Manage and strengthen programs of research nurseries and young researchers, as well as consolidate the training of researchers.
  11. Facilitate the projects development among all groups, researchers and bodies responsible for the training, processing and execution of research projects.
  12. Assist the progress of participation in centers of excellence and networks that contribute to the development and consolidation of research projects.
  13. Any other task assigned and  inherent in the nature and functions of the unit.



  • Acuerdo Superior 017 del 12 de diciembre de 2011. El cual define las funciones de la unidad.
  • Acuerdo Superior 004 del 09 de marzo de 2015. El cual define el Sistema de Investigación de la Vicerrectoría de Investigación.
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