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Unimagdalena Publishing House


Creation, edition, distribution, and dissemination of the intellectual production of the University and the general community, contributing to the promotion of the scientific, technologic and innovation advancements, to the knowledge generation and the consolidation and preservation of spaces and cultural manifestations that enable the transformation and development of society.


The Unimagdalena Publishing House will develop a leadership role within the university community of the Colombian Caribbean region, and the rest of the country, through the production of high-quality content. Becoming a benchmark for university publishers in the sector as the result of the development of projects led by its students, faculty, administrative staff and part-time workers promoting the integration and social impact.


  1. Situate the Unimagdalena Publisher brand nationally and internationally, through the publication of the scientific, cultural and artistic knowledge of the academic community as well as that from other fields in the academic and intellectual context.
  2. Organize the existing editorial processes and to promote the publishing culture within the Institution, through a system that makes it possible to implement publication plans, programs, and projects, through an agile organizational structure.
  3. Guarantee the registration and protection of the proprietary rights of the author and the intellectual property of the published works.
  4. Achieve the highest quality standards in the editorial processes, contributing to the high-quality Institutional Accreditation awarded to the University.
  5. Set up marketing and commercialization strategies, allowing the dissemination, visibility, and access to the publications with the Unimagdalena Publishing House brand.
  6. Encourage co-publishing with other institutions, authors, communities, and organizations.
  7. Ensure the consolidation of the scientific journals, as well as the cultural and promotional magazines.



ACUERDO SUPERIOR N° 16 "Por el cual se reglamenta el Programa Editorial de la Universidad del Magdalena y se dictan otras disposiciones"