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Student Welfare Department


The University Welfare Directorate is a unit attached to the President’s Office. Its primary purpose is to promote the quality life improvement inside the university campus. Opportunities for reflection are generated through the structuring of an integrated system of procedures, programs, and projects, these, looking for common ends and interests among all the individuals and their surroundings.


By 2018, the University Welfare Directorate will be positioned in the institution as a transversal axis unifying different university instances working on integral humanist proposals development, contributing to the Construction of a university community with social responsibility and a high sense of belonging.


  • To strengthen, among university community members, the institutional principles such as: tolerance, solidarity, respect, ability to resolve conflicts and make possible a real citizen coexistence.
  • To promote areas for physical and cultural activities stimulating the university community members participation, in favor of their quality life.
  • To transcend all the programs to the different university levels, building an environment that allows the interrelation among the university community members.
  • To improve the quality and ability of those students who belong to different institutional cultural and sports groups making them more competitive.
  • Provide timely and appropriate care through the consultation of primary physical and mental health care, with an emphasis on disease prevention and the promotion of healthy lifestyles.
  • Create, design, develop and advise projects that meet the needs of the university environment through the diagnosis, planning, and implementation of social, economic and training programs contributing to improve the quality life and to enable the Integral development of the community.