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Legal Advisory Office


  1. Advise the President office and the Higher Education and Academic Boards on legal matters to guarantee compliance with constitutional and legal norms.
  2. Counsel the Vice-President Offices, the General Secretary and other units in the application and interpretation of the constitutional, legal and regulatory norms and in the attention of the legal affairs of the University.
  3. Issue legal concepts and ensure the unity of legal criteria in the interpretation and application of constitutional, legal and regulatory standards in all instances of the University.
  4. Collect, analyze, keep updated and disseminate the constitutional, legal, regulatory and jurisprudential norms in the topics related to the mission, objectives and functions of the University.
  5. Represent the university judicial and extra judicially in the processes against it or those it must promote, through judiciary or delegation granted by the President’s office and inform about their development in time.
  6. Prepare and / or review the content of administrative acts issued by the competent authorities of the University, in order to ensure compliance with current regulations.
  7. Coordinate, manage and control the management and operation of the contracting process.
  8. Safeguard, protect and keep updated the documentation of contracts that are in execution or in the process of liquidation.
  9. To substantiate, advise and support the disciplinary investigations in charge of the President.
  10. Prepare the reports and other documents required by the competent authorities.
  11. The other functions assigned and inherent in the nature and functions of the unit.
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