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Postgraduate Diploma In International Cooperation and Strategic Management

Professional profile

The methodology and area of research should be specified by the applicant on the form.

  • Consultant, advisor, researcher, official or manager of resources of cooperation at all levels on issues related to the Official Development Assistance – ODA; aid recipient countries, donor countries classified by percentage of gross national income or developed countries or agencies of international cooperation.
  • Consultant, advisor, official or manager to manage institutional and international relations and create networks of public and/or private support regarding sectoral issues related to development and cooperation.
  • Consultant, advisor, official or manager in matters related to the partial or integral management of the cycle of the social project or of international cooperation.
  • Consultant in the design and elaboration of public policies related to cooperation and development.
  • Analyst of new situations and social problems to develop ideas and innovative solutions using the concepts and theories learned while managing available information.

Occupational profile

Perfil ocupacional

Un egresado de este programa  podrá desempeñarse en proyectos de desarrollo en cualquier parte del mundo:

  • En agencias internacionales.
  • En el sector público a nivel nacional o regional.
  • En el sector empresarial: programas de responsabilidad social locales o en sus operaciones en el extranjero.
  • En el sector social y de las ONG.
  • En la academia: docencia, investigación o extensión.

Applicant's profile

Aimed at professionals from the different areas of knowledge graduates of legally recognized universities, who wish to apply the knowledge of international cooperation in the new scenarios.

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