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Professional profile

The professional graduated from the Psychology Program of the University of Magdalena, is characterized by having fundamental knowledge about human behavior on both a biological and sociocultural level, as well as understanding the historical and epistemological roots of psychology as a science and basic psychological processes. It uses competencies to carry out with scientific rigor the evaluation, diagnosis and intervention that allows understanding, explaining, promoting and promoting integral health and human development in the clinical, educational, organizational, social and community fields. It is also defined by its critical and investigative attitude, ethical commitment and ability to formulate, manage and implement psychosocial projects from an interdisciplinary approach, in accordance with its historical, social, cultural and economic context, contributing to the individual and collective psychological well-being.


Occupational profile


The psychologist graduated from Universidad del Magdalena can perform in communities, product or service companies and educational and health institutions, with a scientific and disciplinary perspective that allows him to act as a counselor, facilitator, manager, advisor, coordinator or leader of the process. to the attention in human development and quality of life in the clinical, organizational, social and educational fields with the purpose of favoring integral health.

Applicant's profile

A student with high motivation for the profession, basic knowledge of the same and commitment to the development of their training process, reasoning ability, reading and writing skills. Responsible, honest and able to adapt to changes and problem solving, with excellent intro and interpersonal relationships.