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Fishing Engineering

Professional profile

A humanistic formation, with technological and engineering knowledge, oriented to take full advantage of the hydro biological resources in a sustainable and friendly manner and thus contribute to the development of aquaculture, artisanal and industrial fishing in the country. A promoter of fishing and aquaculture development and business management capacity, able to exploit the hydro biological resources in a sustainable way for the conservation of the environment. Trained to develop activities of the academy, research and social and environmental responsibility in activities that promote fishing and aquaculture development.

Occupational profile

Based on Article 2 of Law 28 of 1989, which states, "For all legal purposes, the Fishing Engineering profession exercise covers the application of the principles, knowledge, means, and techniques inherent to the design, planning, direction, execution and evaluation of the activities that comprise the exploitation and rational use of the hydro biological resources”.

Applicant's profile

A person with high expectations related to the career, who faces the challenges and difficulties of the occupational profile area of ??the Fishing Engineer, providing solutions that involve the responsible and sustainable use of fishing and hydro biological resource.

People who are not familiar with fishing technologies are aware of its importance as a tool for generating competitive progress.

People who enjoy aquatic environments and processes correlated with engineering processes.

People easily adapted to changes, innovation, and technological entrepreneurship.