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Master’s of Science in Physics RED SUE CARIBE


To train highly qualified human talent to act socially, professionally and academically in accordance with values and concepts based on scientific and critical rigor, creating advancement in research that contribute to the development of the region and the country in a global context.


To be recognized locally and internationally for academics and research; through contributions to national and international publications in indexed journals and impacting regional and national development.


The Master's program in Physics began on December 29, 2005 through the Qualified Registry granted by the Ministry of National Education through resolution No. 6385 of the same year. The program is offered by the universities: Atlántico, Cartagena, Córdoba, Magdalena, Guajira, Sucre and Popular del Cesar. The program began with its first cohort in the second semester of 2006. The program has seen six cohorts since it was accredited by the Qualified Registry for a seven year period. The accreditation was renewed for a further seven years, by means of resolution No. 9940 of August 22 of 2012 and modified in  Article 1 by means of resolution No. 2374 of March 7, 2013. Up to 2013, 116 applicants have been admitted. of which 36 have graduated, there are 31 active students and 11 students are pending graduation. It is important to highlight,, that students participate in national and international academic and research events during their stay in the Master's program in Physics.As well s publish the results of their research in journals of local and international recognition. It should be noted that some graduates of the program are employed to public and private universities of the Colombian Caribbean region, while other graduates have continued doctoral studies in universities belonging to SUE-CARIBE, as well as in national and foreign universities. The success of the Master's degree program has allowed for the creation and implementation of a PhD program in Physical Sciences within SUE-CARIBE .




Admission requirements

The following documents must be submitted to the Postgraduate Department for the purpose of registration on the dates established in the academic calendar.

  • Online application form completed.
  • Submit a resume according to the "SUE-CARIBE" format that will be provided in the Institutional Coordination, in which are indicated: degrees, academic productivity and qualified experience, with their respective supporting documentation.
  • Accredit a minimum GPA, at the undergraduate level, of three five (3.5).
  • Submit and support an essay on a subject set by the research groups.
  • Undergraduate degree in Physics, Degree in Physics and Mathematics, Engineering or related profession.
  • Extended copy of the ID.
  • Two photos 3X4 white background.
  • Certificate of affiliation to the social security regimen.
  • Original payment invoice and its copy.
  • attend an interview.
  • Take an admission exam.
  • Certify A2 level of a second language proficiency, according to the Common European Framework.
  • The others established by the Curricular Committee of the Program.
  • CD with all the original Scanned documents.

Note: The documents of the original and additional registration requirements must be submitted on the CD.

Graduation Requirements

  • Pass all the academic activities listed in the curriculum in accordance with the established  rules and regulations.
  • Defend and pass research thesis.
  • Present research results  at  an event of recognized prestige at the national level.
  • Have submitted at least one article for publication in a specialized journal indexed by Colciencias.
  • Be in good standing academically and financially.
  • Submit payment for all related degree costs.
  • Other requirements required by current national legislation.

Calendar of events

Calendario de actividades

Resolución académica 003 del 28 de enero del 2022