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General Secretariat


  1. Serve as a means of communication between the governing bodies of the University and the university community.
  2. Approve Agreements and other acts issued by the Higher education and Academic Boards, which must also be signed by the respective President.
  3. Direct, keep and safeguard, in appropriate conditions, the files corresponding to the Higher Education Board and other bodies in accordance with the provisions of the General Statute.
  4. Prepare the minutes corresponding to the sessions of the Higher Education and Academic Board.
  5. Design and adopt strategies, procedures and activities aimed at the conservation and custody of the archives of the Institution.
  6. Keep the institutional procedures for the conservation, protection, care and disposition of documents updated, taking into account the standards and technical guidelines issued by the competent authorities.
  7. Ensure compliance with the terms, conditions and requirements for the issuance of administrative acts by the higher authorities of the University.
  8. Direct and control the documentary management services, exercise the notarial competence and guide the support of services required by the Higher Education and Academic Boards and the President’s office.
  9. Formulate and adopt the policies for compliance with the constitutional, legal and statutory regulations of the University.
  10. Elaborate projects of administrative acts, to be presented before the Higher Education and Academic Board.
  11. Support the process of issuing certificates and completing degrees.
  12. Organize, systematize and control the general archives of the institution.
  13. Execute and control the duplication of the institution documents and files in accordance with existing electronic media.
  14. Orient and control the management and activities of each unit archives with the central file.
  15. Advise and ensure the administrative and economic management of museums and the cultural, historical-artistic heritage of the University to safeguard preserve and disseminate its legacy at national and international level.
  16. To adopt the necessary measures to care for and protect the economic, scientific and pedagogical heritage of the institution in the terms that the Political Constitution, the laws and the Statutes require.
  17. Meet the responsibilities and competencies established in the Comprehensive Quality Management System.
  18. The others assigned by legal norm or competent authority, according to the level, nature, performance area and employment profile.